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Allow at least 90 minutes for your new patient visit. You’ll quickly meet with a doctor and take time to explain your condition. You’ll then receive a thorough examination along with a clear and concise diagnosis and treatment plan. We’ll inform you of your health coverage or any costs prior to treatment. Finish your first visit with amazing treatments and let the healing begin.

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Our doctors provide expertise in the areas of spine and joint related conditions using the time honored methods of history taking and physical exam to determine your diagnosis and deliver the best course of care. Results come from years of experience, the availability of multiple treatment options under one roof, and the grit and patience needed to get better. Back pain was born stubborn.

Second opinions provide our patients with the ability to make the best decision for their condition. We are always available to provide you a second opinion.

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Flexion Distraction example
Flexion Distraction Learn More

Flexion Distraction is evidence-based spinal manipulation with clinical and biomechanical research performed in laboratories with federal grants. This non-surgical technique provides gentle spine care for many spine conditions. There is no cracking or twisting with this technique.

Diversified Technique example
Diversified Technique Learn More

The Diversified techniques are a family of spinal manipulations (adjustments) which have been developed and documented over the years. Requiring the joint to be placed under tension and with minimal pressure or thrust the spinal joints move and can produce an audible click. This pressure relieving technique is safe, feels great and relieves back pain.

Activator Methods example
Activator Methods Learn More

Activator Methods technique is an instrument assisted manipulation. Safe, gentle and effectively used for those who prefer the gentlest of technique or for those unable to receive the more traditional manipulation types. This technique is effective for the smaller joints in your body such as a rib head or TMJ.

No Manipulation example
No Manipulation Learn More

In many cases a patient may not receive manipulation. Some patients are not candidates for manipulation because of degeneration, post-surgical changes, certain herniated disks or because of advanced osteoporosis or osteopenia. Manipulation is not a required procedure. Let us help determine the best course of care for you.


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