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Water TherapyState-of-the-art.

Behind the TechnologyDo Comfortably in Water What You Can't on Land.

Our Variable Speed Underwater Treadmill has a cushioned low-impact design. Useful for all types of therapy such as gait training, sport-specific activities or post-surgical rehab.

The Resistance Jet has a wide range of water speeds to provide the proper amount of resistance for each patient’s needs. Beneficial for helping progress a patient through rehabilitation and improving balance and strength.

A Therapeutic Massage hose can be attached and used for scar tissue manipulation, pain management, and deep tissue massage. Increased flexibility, improved circulation and promotes muscle relaxation.

Our Underwater Camera and monitoring system enhances diagnostic capability allowing the patient to adjust movements in “real-time”.

Adjustable Water Depths from 1” to 50” inches with the touch of a button. 98 degrees warm, sterile and private.

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5 Reasons WhyAquatic Properties Make It an Unbeatable Rehabilitation Tool.

  1. An exercise solution for all levels of weight-bearing
  2. Begin rehab sooner in water than on land
  3. Pain is greatly reduced in water
  4. Lean muscle mass and overall leg length is improved
  5. Unbelievable rejuvenation and recovery capabilities

Is Water Right for Me? Conditions That Make You a Suitable Candidate

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  1. Arthritis and Chronic Pain
  2. Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  3. Back and Spinal Conditions
  4. Neck, Shoulders, Hip, Knee, or Ankle Conditions
  5. Herniated Disc
  6. Neurological Conditions
  7. Sports Medicine and Performance
  8. Weight Loss

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